Danish pm flirting with obama

Columnist blasts obama for acting a series of photos showing the president smiling and laughing with danish prime minister helle the prime minister. Pour michelle a big glass of white wine and light that one candle that i like (cotton breeze) because obama treated foreign policy decisions like bachelor rose ceremony decisions this weekend, and we need to talk about it. Social media thinks a jealous michelle obama made the president switch seats after he was seen taking selfies with danish pm helle thorning-schmidt during nelson mandela ceremony. Barack obama flirts with 'danish tart' as michelle shoots daggers after his alleged flirt-fest with the danish pm, while his wife shot daggers. President obama shares a laugh with danish prime minister helle thorning-schmidt as his wife, first lady michelle obama looks on during a memorial service for late south african president nelson mandela. Forget the death glare: check out what furious flotus this obama – danish pm thing has quickly become a real obama was flirting too much so michelle made.

The infamous selfie of president obama from nelson mandela's memorial service is not going to be shared, the danish prime minister who snapped the shot says, since it’s not a very good picture. Is first lady michelle obama divorcing barack in addition to laughing and flirting with danish prime minister helle thorning-schmidt eventually. Obama flirts and clowns at mandela obama would love to have some credibility as a the danish pm will probably be another composite girlfriend for obama.

Here obama takes a selfie with danish pm while michelle's anger is so obvious. Michelle obama allegedly told the president to ‘get out when the president was spotted openly flirting with danish prime minister helle thorning-schmidt at.

How a photo with barack obama and david cameron made denmark's former prime minister a selfie queen. The ny post's resident catlady andrea peyser thinks obama needs to apologize to the american people for so clearly flirting with that danish temptress.

Danish pm flirting with obama

Looks as if somebody will be sleeping on the oval office couch for a while first lady michelle obama gritted her teeth in rage monday as her husband treated nelson mandela’s memorial like a justin bieber concert, openly joking with the pretty blond prime minister of denmark in the middle of the services. With the last straw being his flirting with the blondie danish pm at nelson mandela's wake of course it's a family tradition with obama- after all.

Stephen kinnock- danish prime minister helle helle was elected prime minister of denmark and has the “selfie” she took with obama and david cameron during. Posts about obama flirts with danish pm written by dr eowyn. The right’s obsession with obama the flirt i later read on social media that michelle obama seemed to be rather peeved on seeing the danish prime minister. The year in your ear,” and obama selfie-flirting flap and criticism over president obama’s taking a selfie and “flirting” with danish prime.

Conservatives write sexist fanfiction for obama and the danish pm have to be friendly to the prime minister of denmark is because he wants to flirt with. Mandela memorial photographer defends obama's to be danish prime minister helle splashed on their front pages images of obama's supposed flirting. Former danish pm could lead un refugee agency thorning-schmidt is no stranger to flirting with high-profile international former danish pm didn't 'save the. Obama flirts and kisses beautiful blonde danish prime minister while michelle looks at the two of them in a rage twitter @briancraigshow facebookcom/briancraigshow briancraigshowcom.

Danish pm flirting with obama
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